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A New Season of Luxury

Spring / Summer '24

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Ready to make a statement?

Take on the World with Fashion.

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A New Age of Luxury

In a world where fashion prices are ever-increasing, finding genuine luxury at a fair price is becoming a rarity.

At YVES JAVANNI®, we change the narrative.

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Our Planet

Luxury made sustainable. For every product sold, we help reforestation efforts globally.

14-Day Returns

Hassle-free returns so you can shop with confidence anytime, anywhere.


Sustainability is in our DNA.

By shopping with us, you actively help reduce textile waste in the fashion industry by giving our end-of-season and overstock designer handbags a loving home, where they get to shine. This is our purpose, where high-end fashion meets sustainability.


Say No to Fast Fashion.

Luxury fashion emphasizes craftsmanship and durability, producing high-quality garments designed to last for years, even generations. This contrasts with the fast fashion model, which focuses on producing cheap, disposable clothing that quickly wears out and contributes to landfill waste.

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Love Our Planet.

To make our sustainability efforts even more impactful, we help reforestation efforts around the world through our partnership with

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Your Vision, Your Style.

Step into a world where shades aren't just accessories, they're statements. Our collection of designer sunglasses for women and men is a testament to individuality and sophistication.

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For Women

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For Men


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